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my favorite things

MY Fam

These guys make my world go round!


One of the greatest parts of life...

Loyal fan right here!

L.A. Kings


For some its coffee, I prefer an extra iced Coke!

A perfect day in my life would include...

~80's music is my jam, and I will train these little ones to love it!!
~My husband and I have been together for almost ten years, we have two beautiful little girls, and one AWESOMESAUCE dog named Beefcake ;-)
~ If I could own an all black wardrobe I would, and I am in the works of phasing out all color right now
~I'm working on more tattoos, but plan to keep one arm clean
~Camping is AWESOME, even more so with friends
~ Cadillac's have my heart.. I don't think I will ever change brands

i love all things

Rock & Roll

Big Hair, excessive jewelry, all the black. Its not just a type of music... its a lifestyle!